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Pooch Be Gone

"Parched Pooch" Travel Capsule Water Bottle

"Parched Pooch" Travel Capsule Water Bottle

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Wholesale Manufacturers Hot Selling 330Ml Customized High End Luxury Water Juice Drinking Pet Bottle

1. Product is BPA free.

2. one button water outlet makes drinking easier.

3. U-shaped drinking trough Adapts to drinking habits.

4. Precisiion design water purification & leak-proof.

--Separate design for easy cleaning: The bottle has convenient water inlet, inner filter, waterproof precision interface,
one-button water outlet.
Humanized separation and snap-fit design, components can be and cleaned one by one. Avoid the breeding of bacteria, keep the
drinking water pure, and pets drink more safely.
--Multiple leak-proof:
Considerate design, multiple leak-proof and dust-proof. High-quality materials bring a more comfortable feel.
--330 ml water capacity
Full consideration to relax and pleasant interaction between people and pets, making it easy for the owner to carry, and giving
the pet a pleasant drinking process. Combining simplicity and practicality, the owner can dispense water with one hand, and the
leak-proof design prevents excess water from spilling.

--Take it easy, walk the dog easily
Bottle with a silicone belt. High strength and good toughness. Transparent bottle design. Convenient for the owner to observe. Pet drinking water at any time.
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